Friday, June 27, 2003

Law Professor: The Sequel (Already)

Mmmm ..., brief Google research unearths the following sizzling description:

No one could be more surprised than Ike Goldman, a seventy-eight-year-old retired contract law professor at Columbia, when he discovers that the much younger woman whom he keeps from suicide on the George Washington Bridge opens a new world of love for him. (Blurb by publisher, Harcourt, about Howard Fast, Redemption (1999))

But, alas, apart from the fact that this book is apparently already out of print, the difficulty here is that this is not the sort of book I had in mind: the author, it seems, had to conjure up a trial to keep the attention of his readers -- and, besides, the hero is retired and doesn't have to attend any faculty meetings. Law professor? Hah! As one Barnes & Noble "customer reviewer" wrote, this book is "not up too snuff."

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