Monday, September 22, 2003

Third Degree in Oakland

Sam Spade: "Johnny, you can go home once you tell us the truth."

Johnny: "But I've told you the truth. I really have!"
Sam Spade: "Now Johnny, we can sit here as long as you like -- we can sit here until hades freezes over. We'll sit here as long as it takes -- we'll just sit here until we get to the bottom of this."

...[long pause]..

Johnny: "O.k. I'll tell you what you want."
Sam Spade: "Now, Johnny, that's not the way this game is played. We just want the truth, you know. That's all we're after. Do you understand?"

...[long pause] ...

Johnny: "O.k., o.k. I vote guilty. He's guilty. Now can I go home?"

Jury forewoman: "Good work, Sam. Call the bailiff. Tell him the jury has agreed on its verdict. We can all go home now."

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