Sunday, September 28, 2003

Two Cultures: An Update

Forty four years ago C.P. Snow published a book describing a great divide between the sciences and the humanities. See C.P. Snow, The Two Cultures(Cambridge University Press, 1959; reissued, paper, 1993). See also C.P. Snow, The Two Cultures: A Second Look (1963). I wonder if a strong version of this division is now found in the U.S. law school world. Specifically, I wonder: Despite the enormous popularity of "intellectual property" law in the law school world, do computers, computer technology, computer science, and software tools remain, on the whole, an alien beast in the law school world? (Bernard Hibbitts likes to say that law schools are enamored of the law of technology, but not of the technology of law.) Dear Reader, I welcome your thoughts. I particularly welcome the thoughts of those Gentle Readers in Cyberspace who have more than a nodding acquaintance with law schools in these United States.

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