Monday, May 16, 2005

Edinburgh Seminars on Law, Probability, and Risk

Professor Colin Aitken and the University of Edinburgh are hosting additional seminars on law, probability, and risk. See

One seminar is slated for October 14-15, 2005. The general topic topic is criminology and the organizer is Sarah Armstrong.

A second seminar is scheduled for December 2-3, 2005. The general topic is evidence evaluation and the organizer is Colin Aitken.

The seminars are free but participation is by invitation. For details about the seminars get in touch with either Sarah Armstrong or Colin Aitken at:

Sarah Armstrong: sarmstro at

C.G.G. Aitken
School of Mathematics
The King's Building
The University of Edinburgh, EH9 3JZ

E-mail: cgga at
Phone: (0)131 650 4877
Fax: (0)131 650 6553

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