Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lacey's Biography of HLA Hart -- Redux

I have completed reading A Life of H.L.A. Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream (Oxford 2004), Nicola Lacey's biography of HLA Hart.

The reviews of the book I have found on the web are very laudatory. But I am unsatisfied. I am not entirely sure why.

What are your sentiments?

I am a latecomer to this book. I found one interesting item: correspondence about Thomas Nagel's review of the book. See correspondence. (To get the original book review, you must, alas, subscribe to the London Review of Books -- which I just did, and thus discovered that the key to my password will arrive in 4-6 weeks. Egads, only the British!)

There is a generous obituary for Jenifer Hart, HLA Hart's spouse, at The Guardian's Obituary

One definition of "nightmare": To be male and have Nicola Lacey as your biographer.

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