Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sometimes Less Is More; Reality Trials

California has not yet learned the rudimentary lesson that sometimes less information (evidence) is better than more.

Or perhaps the explanation for megatrials is simply venality or egomania or cowardice or the adversarial spirit run amok?

Sometimes institutions cannot cure their ailments even when the existence such ailments is palpable to almost everyone. Institutional dysfunctionality. (There's a mouthful for you! Translated: The system has a serious defect. )

But we don't need a reincarnation of the earlier Jerry Brown, who once derided the rule of law as "legalism." (He left California with a Chief Justice who was not much wedded to legalism.) We need "legalism"; i.e., we need the rule of law. We just need remedies for megamaladies such as sex megatrials.

Ah, now I have it! California does believe in soap operas; it cannot resist them; it wants unreal reality trials. The real thing -- a Real.Ordinary.Trial -- apparently just isn't good enough for Californians.

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