Friday, July 22, 2005

Papers Wanted

This is one of my periodic reminders that Law, Probability and Risk, a peer review Oxford journal, welcomes submissions.

The current editors are Colin Aitken (chief editor; fields: mathematics & statistics; Edinburgh); James Franklin (mathematics, University of New South Wales; Jonathan Koehler (decision theory, statistics, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, Franco Taroni (forensic science, statistics; Ecole des sciences criminelles, University of Lausanne ) and Tillers (law, law of evidence, structure of fact investigation).

Papers may deal with scientific evidence or with statistical evidence and methods (or both) but papers may also deal with matters such as rigorous accounts of uncertain ordinary (non-scientific) evidence and inference, the relationship between legal reasoning and evidential inference, the psychology of inference, inference and economics, inference and choice, inference and argumentation theory, inference and rhetoric, inference and scenarios, inference and temporal logic, inference and four-dimensional scenarios, induction and abduction, uncertain inference and uncertain perception, evidential inference and fuzzy perceptions, evidential inference and fuzzy legal rules, evidence and inference about human meanings and intentions and similar matters, visual representations of evidential inference, and inference and computational intelligence. (These examples of suitable topics are only examples.)

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