Friday, September 16, 2005

Visualization of Evidence and Inference for Legal Settings

Visualization is a hot topic in scholarship about evidence and information in a large variety of settings (e.g., military, weather, traffic control). Visualization is also fast becoming a hot topic in the study of evidence and inference in legal settings.

It is time for a conference on the visualization of evidence and inference in and for legal settings such as trials, pretrial investigation, and prelitigation investigation. Yes? No?

Visualization is important for a great variety of purposes. It is important, for example, for effective effective persuasion (lawyers tend to call this "advocacy"). It is also important for the intelligibility of complex evidential argument (and little if any real-world evidential argument, or factual inference, is simple). Visualization also facilitates the ability of people to recall large quantities of evidence. Visualization may also be a good window into the workings of the mind.

N.B. Sightless people are capable of certain forms of visualization, no? A good question then is, "What, precisely, is (are) this (these) thing (things) called 'Visualization'?"

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