Saturday, February 18, 2006

Death of a Good Blog

Cooped Up has given up the ghost. It pains me to hear the author of that blog say that his blogging has damaged rather than enhanced both his "scholarly profile" and his "scholarly productivity." I pray that other law professor bloggers will not suffer the same fate.

My aims are somewhat different from the aims of the author of Cooped Up. This may be partly or largely because I am older. I view my blogging mainly as a source of entertainment and as a source of inspiration. I have no delusions that most of my colleagues at my law school or in wider legal circles think that blogging is a worthwhile activity. But in general I am not trying to reach them, my peers in the legal world. I do want to reach and hear from people outside of the circle of my professional peers. (I hasten to add that it is also always a genuine pleasure to hear from my peers in the legal profession.)

Yes, blogging sometimes is a time-consuming activity (though much depends on how -- how often etc. -- it is done). Withal, the true question is whether the rewards are worth the investment; and that is a question that each blogger must weigh and answer individually.

I am happy to report to my blog has generated some very interesting e-mail. And I have always enjoyed blogging. (This is surely because I have always followed the rule that I blog only when I want to do so.) So I will keep at this blogging business a while longer -- but, as before, only sporadically.

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