Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bungler-Murder Hypothesis 2.1

There is strong evidence that the ex-KGB agent Andrei Lugovoy may be the culprit (or one culprit, in any event) in Litvinenko's death. Polonium 210 has been found on three or four separate planes on which Lugovoy traveled between Moscow and the U.K. Lugovoy himself has radiation poisoning. And "the Russians" won't allow Scotland Yard to interview Lugovoy. Hmmm ... This looks very suspicious. Trotsky redux ... except that this time the killer bungled things and damaged himself as well as the intended victim? Killer Keystone Kops?

I wonder: Does Comrade Lugovoy need time to get his story straight? Or has the Russian government acquired a new respect for the rights of the the ill and the disabled?

  • You don't think I'm being too cynical, do you? Perhaps Putin is right: This investigation is just a plot to embarrass the Russian government.
  • Flash: Now it seems that "traces of radiation [have] been found in the UK's embassy in Moscow." See today's Irish Times. What on earth?!?
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