Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New York Stinks -- Sometimes

See Darin Foster, New York Stinks, The smelly secret of America's largest city, OhmyNews International (Jan. 9, 2007).

Samples of this delectable fare:

Inevitably, many [unlovely] odors find their way down into New York's decrepit subway system. The morning commute is always a treat for the senses. Packed in like cattle, even normal human smells sometimes reach overwhelming proportions, and this is before the homeless make their appearance. Sad as it may be, one homeless person can clear an entire train car in less than 10 seconds. Add to this the smell of decades-old dirt, mold and general decay, and you can imagine something of the typical New York subway smell.

On the other hand, certain smells can be useful markers in such a vast city. Anyone hunting for Claremont Riding Academy, New York's last surviving urban equestrian center, can locate it three blocks away without a map. While the facility does its best to maintain a clean, professional establishment, the fact remains that dozens of horses reside and are trained within a converted apartment building. Certain facts of nature simply cannot be avoided, and a familiar horsey smell permeates the surrounding neighborhood.

The catalyst for this minor non-odiferous masterpiece was a mysterious odor that enveloped large chunks of Manhattan and parts of New Jersey for several hours.
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