Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Fair Question for Frye -- and Daubert Too

"'How do you get peer review when you don’t have peers?'"
Benedict Carey, A Princeton Lab on ESP Plans to Close Its Doors, NYTimes Online (Feb. 6, 2007, published Feb. 10, 2007) (quoting Brenda Dunne, manger of the ESP lab)


Anonymous said...

To borrow the well-known words about a town supporting one or two laywers - in a world with a single superpower research on telekinesis has difficulties finding funding, but much less so in a world with two superpowers.

Anonymous said...

Of note for evidence scholars:

Priit Parmakson said...

NY Times, 13 Feb 2007:
"... a fierce legal battle between the defense team and prosecutors over how much the jury should be told of Mr. Libby’s busy schedule now that he is not going to testify. One of his lawyers, John Cline, said, “We want to show he was caught in a tornado of information.”"
-- Indeed, one has to show (visualize) it -- very much the topic of the recent conference