Saturday, July 07, 2007


I am happy to report that I won my first fuzzy chess game.

I regret to report that the computer I played was not programmed to look very far ahead.

But I'll take a victory whenever I can get it. (I won't be reporting my losses, if you please.)
It strikes me that in real fuzzy chess, the moves themselves would be fuzzified, and not just the descriptions the players give of the moves they make.
One notable feature: This particular fuzzy chess program allows Mulligans. If a player indicates he, she, or it will move a particular piece, the player remains free to move any other piece in any way that the (normal) rules of chess allow. There is something akilter here: the human player is given an advance opportunity to peer into the mind of the computer. I guess the developer wanted to give human players warm fuzzy feelings about fuzzy chess.
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