Sunday, March 16, 2008

Improvised Online Version of MarshalPlan 2.2

A PERMANENT FIX HAS BEEN FOUND. Go here for instructions. The original post, which follows, is therefore no longer pertinent.


Until I can figure out how to put the entire network of MarshalPlan 2.2 stacks online as a single standalone, I am making the following stacks available online as separate standalones:

Case Theory
Evidence of Material Facts
Evidence for and against Material Facts
Legal Argument
Legal Rules
Legal Source Material
Loose Thoughts
Network Manager
Elimination of Possibilities
Questions & Issues
Raw Evidence
Actor Scenario
Case Scenario
Tangible Evidence
Actor Time Line
Case Time Line
Time Line for Tangible Evidence
Time Line for Witness
Types of Evidence Sources
Please see my previous post (March 12, 2008) for a short statement about the nature of MarshalPlan 2.2 and for heartfelt and important hedges and disclaimers about MarshalPlan 2.2. Thank you.


Another interim remedy: retrieve MarshalPlan 2.0 here!

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