Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reasonable Doubt and Christianity; Reasonable Doubt and Guantanamo; Reasonable Doubt and Torture; Reasonable Doubt and Confessions

In late January of 2009 -- on January 23 -- the Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law will host a symposium on "proof beyond a reasonable doubt." One focus of the symposium will be the relationship between the reasonable doubt standard and the history of Christian theology. Another focus will be on the relationship between the reasonable doubt standard, confessions, and torture (and here it is expected there will be some talk about Guantanamo -- just a few days after Barack Obama becomes President of the United States). Perhaps President Obama will take notice?

The following people may participate as panelists or moderators:

Professor James Whitman (Yale)
Professor Barbara Shapiro (UCLA, Berkeley)
Milbert Shin (Deputy, US Department of State, Office of War Crimes Issues)
Professor Ronald Allen (Northwestern)
Professor Suzanne Last Stone (moderator) (Cardozo Law School)
Professor David Hamer (University of Queensland)
Professor James Franklin (Department of Mathematics, University of New South Wales)
Professor Mark Denbeaux (Seton Hall)
Professor Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton) OR Professor Barry Scheck (Cardozo Law School)
Peter Tillers (moderator)

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