Wednesday, December 31, 2008

James H. Chadbourn, LYNCHING AND THE LAW (1933)

I just discovered, rather serendipitously, that James H. Chadbourn's Lynching and the Law (University of North Carolina Press, 1933) is being reprinted at the end of this month - on December 30, 2008 - by the Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. (There is a new introduction by Paul Finkelman.)

Chadbourn was an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina when he published this book. It is easy to be tolerant and liberal when you have lots of company. It took great courage for Chadbourn to write and publish this book when and where he did.

Chadbourn went on to have a distinguished career. He taught at various universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of California at Los Angeles, and Harvard University. He died of cancer on October 1, 1982. To the very end, Chadbourn had no patience with cant or abuse of power. He also never lost his inimitable sense of humor. I still miss him.

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