Friday, January 30, 2009

A Nice Law School Exam Problem: Doping Calendars in the Forthcoming Barry Bonds Trial

The New York Times today reports:
Specifically, the prosecutors want to use the testimony of the Giambis to establish that Greg Anderson, Bonds’s former trainer, created doping calendars for the two brothers and that similar calendars with Bonds’s initials on them were thus designed for the same purpose, said a person briefed on the government’s evidence.
Are the testimony of the Giambis and the calenders marked "BB" and "BLB" admissible in Bonds' forthcoming trial for perjury?

Is that evidence relevant?

Is it "other crimes" or "other wrongs" evidence? If so, is it admissible?

Are the calendars marked "BB" and "BLB" hearsay?

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