Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Help with Some Deductive Reasoning, Please

I need a little help with a deductive argument. Please tell me if the last proposition in the below argument is true or false:
Stipulation: All Hs prefer P or ~P [Hs prefer P or ~P but not both]
Premise 1: if H prefers P --> H prefers L
Premise 2: if H prefers ~P --> H prefers ~L
Premise 3: (H prefers L) is True
[Therefore]: The inference, or conclusion, [(H prefers P) is True] is valid
N.B. In the above argument the symbol "~" means "not" or "negation."

"Why do I ask?," you ask.

That's a fair question. So I'll answer it.

Answer: The above argument may become part of a broader argument; it may become embedded in a broader argument.

I may post the broader argument later. Or maybe I won't. (Now there's deductive logic for you!)

If I do post the broader argument, I won't hold you responsible for the broader argument. And you won't in fact be responsible for it -- and that's a fact.

So, someone in the silent majority, you help out. If you do, your reward will be the knowledge that you have contributed to knowledge -- and to the assessment of you-are-for-us-or-against-us reasoning.

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