Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Folk physics, common sense, inference, and intelligence

Perhaps epistemology (a general theory of human knowledge) must ride on the back of ontology (a theory of what is and how things-that-are work).

Perhaps metaphysics = sophisticated folk physics.

Folk physics should make use of the insights of physics -- and much else (e.g., neuroscience).

But folk physics -- metaphysics -- should not allow itself to be displaced by, e.g., physics or neuroscience.

Do not think that matters such as common sense and folk physics are unintelligent. They harbor much intelligence. If a special science can explain them, it will prove that it too is very intelligent. (But no special science can yet explain common sense, or "ordinary" intelligence.)

Of course, physics, neuroscience, etc., have much intelligence that ordinary intelligence lacks. But this fact does not render folk physics, common sense, etc., unintelligent.


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