Sunday, June 28, 2009

Explanatory Notes in MarshalPlan 2.8 about Role of Personal Attributes for Credibility Assessment

Announcement: Now there are brief notes in the "Credibility" stack and its substacks in MarshalPlan 2.8 that explain the role of personal attributes for the assessment of credibility of witness reports.
Note: The third card of the downloaded credibility stack of MarshalPlan 2.8 seems to be distorted. Try using "Revolution Player" rather than the standalone stack "Network.exe" to run the credibility stack. In the meantime, I will try to correct the problem. Thanks for your patience. But even with the distortion, you can push buttons on the third card of the main credibility stack to get to the substacks, which explain what's what in credibility assessment.


The dynamic evidence page

Coming soon: the law of evidence on Spindle Law

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Unknown said...

I am happy to report that using the Revolution Player does indeed eliminate the distortion in the third card of the credibility stack. So try it!