Friday, July 24, 2009

Jerramiah Healy, Mayor of Jersey City

Jerramiah Healy, currently the mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, admits he is a target of the federal investigation that has thus far led, this July, to the arrest of 44 persons, including the deputy mayor of Jersey City and the president of the New Jersey City council. A July 24 AP article states in part:

NEWARK -- There is a significant development involving another politician in this case.

Jersey City Mayor Jeremiah [sic] Healy is acknowledging that he is also under investigation.

We want to be clear that he has not been charged.

Healy released a statement on Friday saying that he did nothing wrong.

But based on the criminal complaint, it is clear that Healy met with the key government witness in March of this year about development projects in Jersey City.

The complaint targets Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, who is charged with taking 20-thousand dollars in bribes.

Beldini served as Healy's treasurer for his 2009 mayoral campaign, and she is accused of collecting cash on Healy's behalf, in exchange for promising to fast-track the cooperating witness -- or c-w's -- development projects.

Throughout the complaint, Healy is referred to as 'J-C Official 4.'

In one recorded exchange, "Beldini responded that she could say one thing about J-C Official 4. J-C Official 4 remembered J-C Official 4's friends, and J-C Official 4's word was gold."

Later the complaint describes how, "at a diner in Jersey City, defendant Cheatam and defendant Shaw accepted $10,000 in cash each from the c-w, including $5,000 apiece to "convert" into contributions for J-C Official 4."

Edward Cheatem, a city official, and Jack Shaw, a political consultant, have also been charged with taking bribes.

Healy has suspended all of the Jersey City workers charged in the corruption investigation without pay.


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