Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inbred Probability

Probabilistic thinking, Alison Gopnik says here, is in the brain's cellular matter -- or, in any event, in the structure and development of the brain's neural connections. I guess I will have to read Gopnik. Her account in the op-ed piece still sounds a bit akin to the tabula rasa theory: Gopnik's account in the op-ed piece suggests that the tablet (the baby's brain) is not entirely empty mainly because probabilistic patterns of organizing data are already embedded in it (the brain or neuro-physiological system). I am inclined to think that babies are born with more than empty but (allegedly) powerful probabilistic methods of interpreting experience and sense data. Perhaps Gopnik agrees, perhaps not; I don't know what she has to say about this issue. So I will have to read her.


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