Tuesday, September 29, 2009

President Obama's Standing in Old Europe versus New Europe

Senator Lugar gave an interesting speech before the Atlantic Council during the other day. I believe it was a questioner (rather than Senator Lugar) who said that Pres. Obama's approval rating in Germany and France is 60%, in Poland, 11%.
Postscript: The actual figures are apparently closer to 92% and 55%, respectively. See the second comment to this post.


I wonder: Do Europe's Small Powers sense that Europe's Great Powers and the Greatest Power of All are willing (once again?) to sacrifice Eastern Europe to keep peace with the Great Bear?

Then I wonder to myself: Are revanchist sentiments surfacing in my heart? (My family suffered because of Stalin.) Or do I have a justifiable fear of Russian authoritarianism and imperialism? I confess I think the second is the better explanation.


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