Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flash!: The Death of Wigmore Exaggerated Again

Poor Wigmore. He died, it is said, in 1943. But exaggerated and misleading reports of the death of Wigmore have been erupting episodically for over 60 years. The latest is by Jacob Stein, who professes to be an admirer of Wigmore and Wigmore (and I have no reason to doubt this part of Stein's story). But let me assure everyone who might have reason to care that Wigmore lives -- despite several determined efforts (one of which has been going on for almost 30 years) to administer the coup de grĂ¢ce. I have personal knowledge of Wigmore's continued existence; I have very recently seen Wigmore with my own eyes, and I have very recently also seen recent and numerous mentions of Wigmore on ("in"?) certain WESTLAW databases. (References available on request.) The afterglow (or, if you prefer, shadow) of that effervescent Edwardian just will not fade away. I will personally make sure that it doesn't, b'gosh -- and so will Aspen Publishers.
N.B. Perhaps it is fitting that Wigmore now has an ethereal existence as well as a material one: Wigmore takes up a substantial chunk of the Loislaw databases. Perhaps John Henry W is lurking thereabouts as well.


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