Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Floris Bex, Evidence for a Good Story (2009)

Yesterday the mail brought me the published doctoral dissertation Floris Bex, Evidence for a Good Story: A Hybrid Theory of Arguments, Stories and Criminal Evidence (2009), ISBN/EAN 978-90-5335-212-0. I have only skimmed the book at this point but I can already tell that this is a very important book. Bex's effort to effect a systematic marriage between scenarios & stories, on the one hand, and inference networks & evidential argument, on the other, gets at the root of the matter. This is because scenarios and evidential arguments are two of the fundamental methods human creatures should use and often do use to make good guesses, or inferences, about many uncertain factual hypotheses.

My congratulations to Henry Prakken, Bart Verheij, and Floris Bex, who have collaborated in meticulous and pathbreaking research on the the nature of factual inference and proof. Their work will dictate many research agendas for decades to come.


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