Friday, March 05, 2010

The Trauma of Researching Sexual Trauma

Susan A. Clancey, Ph.D., who believes both that child sexual abuse is widespread and that it does great harm, writes:
When I first began my graduate work at Harvard, a respected psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School gave me some addvice. He told me that I should avoid studying sexual abuse. It was just too controversial, too sensitive, and too politicized. He said that advocacy would always outweigh truth, and emotions would always override data. At the time I nodded solemnly, wondering what he was getting at. Once I published my research, it made perfect sense.

All hell broke loose. I was bombarded with accusations that I was hurting victims even more than they had been and that I was a friend of pedophiles.

Susan A. Clancey, The Trauma Myth (2009).


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