Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Is a Time Line?

Is a time line argument (rather than evidence?)? Suppose a lawyer draws a time line to illustrate for the jury, during closing argument, the lawyer's theory of when things happened. ("What happened was that the clerk yelled, 'You s.o.b,' and then Defendant fired the gun, and not that Defendant fired the gun and then the clerk yelled, 'You s.o.b.' That's what you must conclude. Here; look at the time line I drew for you to make this point clear.")

Is a time line illustrative evidence? Walter Witness testifies, "I have drawn a little chart to illustrate my testimony about the order in which things happened between David and the clerk."

Is a time line simply testimonial evidence? Walter Witness, in response to a question about the order of events between David and the clerk, testifies, "I'm not very good with words. But I was there and I can draw you a picture or sketch of the order in which things happened. Do you want to see my little sketch?"

Is a time line scientific evidence? Expert Knowledge testifies, "I subjected the videotape to microscopic analysis; I literally used a microscope -- and a sound amplifier -- to study the videotape. This chart shows what the clerk said and what David said and the order in which they spoke."


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