Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Run MarshalPlan 5.0 with Firefox 3.x

Use Firefox 3.x and run MarshalPlan 5.0 in your web browser:http://tillers.net/MarshalPlan.5.0/Web/MarshalPlan.html

This will NOT work with Chrome. And it may or may not work with Internet Explorer.

The browser version of MarshalPlan 5.0 produces spoken versions of some of my explanatory notes.

  • The second card in my new order of proof stack does not wish to appear in my Firefox 3.x browser. If this happens to you as well, just click the arrow on this card to go to the next card. I will try to remedy the problem of the missing image on the second card in this stack sometime soon.


The dynamic evidence page

It's here: the law of evidence on Spindle Law. See also this post and this post.

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