Friday, October 14, 2011

The Brain: Stupid or Smart -- or Something Else?

Some people believe that ordinary people are pretty stupid on the whole and prone to fall into all sorts of cognitive, visual, aural, tactile, etc., illusions & delusions. Camp 1. Some people believe the human brain is a remarkably sophisticated mechanism. Camp 2. Some people are agnostic on the issue of human stupidity v. human intelligence, and some people are indifferent to the issue. Camp 3.

I generally belong to Camp 2 -- while believing (as every sensible person should) that people should use whatever tools are available to augment their extant intelligence and capacities (so that they can build trains, planes, computers, etc., and do calculus, play chess, etc.). See, e.g., "Trial by Mathematics - Reconsidered,"

Even the NYTimes is beginning to creep (ever so slightly) into this debate. See Christoper Chabris, "Is the Brain Good at What It Does?"


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