Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Right to Confront an Evil Genie

Charge (against a Saudi judge): Corruption.

Defense: An evil genie (jinn) made me to do it.

Background: The court ordered a genie (jinn) expert -- a cleric and an exorcist -- to question the genie (jinn) and make a report.

Issue: Defense counsel asked the court to summon the genie (jinn) to testify in court. “'If what the accused judge said about the jinn, then this jinn could be bad and blasphemous…this jinn could have been sent by a bad sorcerer because witchcraft is bad and non-Islamic.' Okaz quoted the lawyer as saying he had made that demand on the grounds any sentence must not be based on 'jinn’s allegations', presented by an exorcist. 'This Raqi ( Koran reciter and exorcist) has not presented any real evidence that the accused judge has been possessed by jinn,' the lawyer said."

Lawyer wants jinn to testify in court: Says court should summon genie in corrupt judge case Emirates 24/7 News (Oct. 23, 2010).

Hat tip to Ann Murphy and Lowering the Bar.


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