Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is It Possible to Live without Facebook?

I will find out. I deactivated my Facebook account. (FB does not make it easy to locate the deactivate command.) I was spending much too much time on Facebook. And I constantly had to resist -- often unsuccessfully -- responding to posts that I found provocative. I think there are better forums ("fora"?) for discussion of public (& philosophical) issues. For example, books and blogs. But we will see. I don't want to be antisocial for the sake of being antisocial.

N.B. I never will Twitter. 

Postscript: I kept my Google+ account. It strikes me as more meaty and less gossipy. (I am a serious fellow, probably too serious.)

Now I will find other ways to waste time.


The dynamic evidence page
Evidence marshaling software MarshalPlan

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