Friday, September 14, 2012

MarshalPlan 5.5

I have created - with the critical but now long-past inspirational and technical contribution of David A. Schum - a prototype, or an interactive sketch, of an evidence marshaling app for evidential discovery and proof in legal settings.

I call the current iteration of this app "MarshalPlan 5.5" You can download this app for use on a Windows computer by  going to and opening the subfolder "Windows" and then clicking on MarshalPlan 5.5exe (NOT MarshalPlan.5.5exe).
  • Apple Corporation seems to strip this exe file of its ability to run on Apple computers. Sorry!
 I think that one of of my most interesting MarshalPlan stacks (files) is "Legal Argument."

The following "cards" in the Legal Argument "stack" (file) illustrate how a traditional legal treatise writer might think (in part) about legal interpretation:

The dynamic evidence page

Evidence marshaling software MarshalPlan

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