Monday, October 29, 2012

The "Child Sex Abuse Scandal" Now Extends to the BBC and the New York Times

I once thought that after the "[Catholic] clergy sex abuse scandal" had run its course (and tort lawyers had largely emptied the pockets of the U.S. Roman Catholic Church that they could reach into) the education establishment would be next; I intimated that a "teachers sex abuse scandal" would be next on the agenda. When the Penn State-Sandusky sex abuse scandal erupted, my prediction initially appeared to have been vindicated. But now we have what might be called the "BBC-NYTimes sex abuse scandal." See Jack Shafer  The New York Times, the BBC and the Savile Sex Scandal (October 25, 2012). So perhaps we we will now witness a "mass media sex abuse scandal" -- involving organizations such as the New York Times or the Boston Globe. Or perhaps there will be a series of "sex abuse scandals." In any event, the Catholic clergy look less and less like unique sexual "predators." This is not surprising. Child sexual abuse permeates society. As I have repeatedly suggested, for the media and tort lawyers to single out Catholic clergy as targets reeks of religious prejudice and financial opportunism.

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