Saturday, December 03, 2005

Picturing Argument from & about Evidence in the 21st Century: A Conference

Well, if pictures of reasoning -- including reasoning from and about evidence -- are so persistent and powerful, why then there ought to be a conference -- about the visualization of evidence and inference. And such a conference will in fact take place -- in New York City (Manhattan) at Cardozo Law School in late January 2007. The conference will be called Graphic and Visual Representations of Evidence and Inference in Legal Settings. Henry Prakken is the chair of the program committee and Tom Cobb is the deputy chair of the program committee. The panelists for this two-day event include:
  • Tim van Gelder (U. of Melbourne)

  • John L. Pollock (U. of Arizona)

  • Philip Dawid (U. College London)

  • Douglas Walton (U. of Winnipeg)

  • Branden Fitelson (U. of California – Berkeley)

  • Priit Parmakson (Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia)

  • Dale Nance (Case School of Law)

  • William Twining (U. College London & U. of Miami)

  • Andrew Palmer (U. of Melbourne)

  • David Schum (George Mason U.)

  • Richard Lempert (U. of Michigan & National Science Foundation)

  • Henry Prakken (Utrecht University)

  • Chris Reed (U. of Dundee)

  • Vern Walker (Hofstra U.)

  • John Josephson (Ohio State University)

  • Neal Feigenson (Quinnipiac Law School)

  • Richard Sherwin (New York Law School)

  • Jennifer Mnookin (UCLA))

  • Peter Tillers (Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University)

  • Ron Loui (Washington University, St. Louis)

  • Samuel Solomon (CEO of DOAR, Inc.)

  • Thomas Cobb (University of Washington School of Law)
  • (The names of several additional panelists will be announced soon.)
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