Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Probability in Science and (Religious) Faith

Probability theory and one of my little books have been enlisted (on the side of God, against Richard Dawkins) by an Oxford don (at Cambridge University) in the recent wars over the tension between faith and science. See Alister McGrath, Has Science Eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the Meaning of Life (Lecture, 2004). See, in particular, note 23, citing P. Tillers & E. Green, PROBABILITY AND INFERENCE IN THE LAW OF EVIDENCE: The Uses and Limits of Bayesianism (1988).
  • I will forgive Professor McGrath -- it's the Christian thing to do -- for listing Eric Green as the lead editor. (Eric and I negotiated this matter when this matter mattered.)

    I confess that I am pleased that Professor McGrath took note of my little book (despite Professor McGrath's failure to note the proper order of the editors): it's nice to know that someone thinks that debates about probability touch the deepest questions of life.

    The connection between theological debate and probability theory is not new. See, inter alia, Blaise Pascal (again, betting on God rather than non-God).

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