Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Very Nice Review

Professor Jonathan Doak of Nottingham Law School (UK) has some nice things to say about the recently-published Festschrift for Professor Mirjan Damaska of Yale Law School. In the conclusion of his review of CRIME, PROCEDURE AND EVIDENCE IN A COMPARATIVE AND INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF MIRJAN DAMASKA (J. Jackson, M. Langer & P. Tillers, eds., Hart Publishing, 2008), Professor Doak states (13 International Journal of Evidence and Proof 263, 266 (2009)):
Jackson, Langer and Tillers have accomplished a considerable feat in putting together a set of original and insightful papers that tease out many of the core themes of Damaska's work. Certainly, both the breadth and depth of the papers contained in this volume are a fitting tribute to him. Yet the end-product is also an excellent piece of scholarship in its own right; here we have an enlightening and engaging set of papers which will be of interest to criminal and evidence lawyers, as well as those with more general comparative interests.
I blush. But not too much. That's because Professors Jackson and Langer, the stellar essayists who contributed to the book, and, of course, Professor Damaska are the ones who deserve 99.99% of the credit for the Festschrift. My role was primarily that of cheerleader and agitator.


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