Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Whirlwind of Dumb-Headed Petty Corruption in New Jersey

The story of how Solomon Dwek managed to ensnare 44 or 45 persons -- that's the count so far -- into committing corrupt acts on recorded sound & video is interesting in two different ways. See Ted Sherman, "An FBI informant's whirlwind corruption tour," The Star-Ledger (Oct. 24, 2009). The story is interesting because of (i) the gullibility of the miscreants -- the apparent inability of the miscreants to see or imagine that Dwek was a "cooperating witness" -- and (ii) the small amounts of money for which the miscreants were willing to risk their liberty, their careers, and their reputations. The story of Dwek is truly a story of dumb-headed petty graft.
Dwek's own criminal misdeeds, however, involved rather large amounts of money: Dwek is a brazen scoundrel with wide financial horizons.

Perhaps the most astonishing part of the Dwek story is how he managed to deposit two bad checks for $25 million at a bank drive-though window.


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