Monday, July 27, 2009

How Do You Pass a Bad Check for $25 Million?

Answer: use a drive-through bank window.

This is the clever method used by Solomon Dwek, the undercover informant in the recent wave of FBI arrests of 44 individuals, mostly for public corruption in New Jersey. See Kelly Heyboer & Maryann Spoto, "Dwek's role as FBI informant was 'worst-kept secret in New Jersey,'" (July 26, 2009). The article recounts:

In 2006, as his real estate deals began to unravel and loans came due, Dwek rolled into the drive-thru window at the PNC Bank in Eatontown. He gave the teller a bogus $25.2 million check, according to prosecutors. The teller cashed the check after Dwek assured the bank that the money to cover the charge would be wired into his account soon.

Dwek allegedly transferred more than $22 million of the money to another bank to pay off loans before PNC caught the fraud. He was arrested after he attempted to cash a second bogus $25 million check at another PNC bank.


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