Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Best Currently-Available Set of MarshalPlan (Evidence Marshaling) Stacks

The stacks (files) found below are the evidence marshaling stacks that so far exist in MarshalPlan -- and each one of these stacks (or files) is the equivalent of a method of marshaling, or organizing, evidence. You can run those stacks with Revolution Player. (To download a non-Windows-operating-system player, go here.) I suggest you download all of the stacks found below before you run them with the Revolution Player -- because then the stacks will link to each other and you can then see MarshalPlan 3.0 in its full glory.

Analysts (Users)
Legal Actors
Event Actors
Catalogue of All Persons
Case Theory
Evidence of Material Facts
Evidence for and against Material Facts
Legal Argument
Legal Rules
Legal Source Material
Loose Thoughts
Network Manager (I suggest you begin by using Revolution Player to run this stack.)
Elimination of Possibilities
Questions & Issues
Raw Evidence
Actor Scenario
Case Scenario
Tangible ("Real") Evidence
Actor Time Line
Case Time Line
Time Line for Tangible Evidence
Witness Time Line
Narrative, Story-Telling, and Rhetoric
Investigation and Proof Time Line
Witness Credibility
Probative Value (a/k/a "Argument from Evidence to Factual Hypothesis," or "Factual Inference" proper)


N.B. As always, please keep in mind that MarshalPlan is not a prototype of a real-world real-time operating system. In its present configuration, it is more akin to a tinker-toy, suitable for use mainly in the classroom.

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The dynamic evidence page

Coming soon: the law of evidence on Spindle Law

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