Saturday, August 01, 2009

You Can Use Your Browser to Run Evidence Marshaling Stacks

You can now use your web browser (except Internet Explorer) to run the complete and fully-functional version of the evidence marshaling software MarshalPlan 3.1. To run MarshalPlan click on

this link.

But keep the following four important things in mind:

1. Do NOT use Internet Explorer, at least for the time being.

2. You will have to accept a plug-in.

3. If you click on a button and nothing happens, shrink your browser or look under your browser window; you should then see the stack that you have called up by clicking a button (a link) in the stack (file) that you see in your browser.

4. To return to the stack (file) "Network Manager," go back to your browser's window (the one that opened when you first clicked on this link).

If you do not wish to use a browser to run MarshalPlan, you still have the option of downloading MarshalPlan. To do so, go here and follow the instructions.


As always, please keep in mind that MarshalPlan is not a prototype of a real-world real-time operating system. In its present configuration, it is more akin to a tinker-toy, suitable for use mainly in the classroom.


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