Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visual Persuasion in Trials

This may prove to be a good book about a topic whose newly-augmented importance many Evidence teachers may not yet appreciate:

Law on Display: The Digital Transformation of Legal Persuasion and Judgment (2009)

Neal Feigenson and Christina Spiesel

“This is a widely informed, wisely reasoned, accessible analysis of how, for good or for evil, digital visual technology is transforming the conduct of trials and the very meaning of truth in the courtroom. It is essential reading alike for litigators and for everyone concerned with the legal fall-out of our culture’s accelerating shift from verbal to multimedia communication and comprehension.”
- Anthony G. Amsterdam, NYU School of Law

“Feigenson and Spiesel combine their impressive talents in law and visual persuasion to provide us with an insightful account of how new media are transforming legal advocacy in powerful new directions. Their critical analyses of fascinating case studies illustrate how cutting-edge lawyers are employing visual and digital media. The authors alert us to the new media's transformative capacity yet also its manipulative potential, and cogently discuss the ethical and legal quandaries that new media present for the courts. Highly recommended.”
- Valerie P. Hans


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