Friday, April 09, 2010

Even (Heterosexual, Non-Celibate) Anglican Clergy Members Do It Too!?! (Say It Ain't So, Joe!)

Major sex abuse uncovered in Anglican Church

July 16 2003

A South Australian police task force into child sex abuse within the Anglican Church had identified 217 victims and 48 possible offenders, police said today.

However the number of victims could rise to more than 400 as investigations continued, Police Commissioner Mal Hyde said.

Mr Hyde today likened the scale of police investigations into child sex abuse to those for the infamous Snowtown bodies-in-the-barrels murders in 1999.

"We have well over 200 matters to follow through on at this stage, with the possibility of that number increasing significantly," he told reporters.

"By anyone's measure that's a very, very significant and complex investigation to carry forward.

"I certainly don't know of any similar investigation on this scale within this state.

"The Snowtown case would have to rank up there but in a different kind of way."

Of the 217 victims identified, police said 136 cases involved the Anglican Church while the others related to other churches and organisations.


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