Friday, April 09, 2010

Heterosexual Sexual Predation & Celibacy & Protestant Sexual Predators

Yesterday the New York Times carried an article -- along with some inevitable words of opprobrium by a representative of SNAP -- about a Catholic priest who sexually assaulted a woman.
Question 1. Does this case have a connection with the issue of celibacy? Question 1A. Are celibate male clergy members more likely to stalk and sexually assault women than non-celibate male clergy are? Is that hypothesis counterintuitive? Are there statistics to back up that hypothesis?
Question 2. Do non-celibate non-Catholic male clergy members stalk and sexually assault women more often than celibate Catholic clergy members do?
Question 3. What is newsworthy about this story about a male Catholic priest who sexually assaulted a woman? Has no Protestant male clergy member recently sexually assaulted a woman? I don't understand the point of the story -- unless, that is, I impute base motives or prejudices to the New York Times.
I guess I'm on a campaign. So be it.


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