Sunday, March 03, 2013

Book: Circumstantial Evidence and Corruption

This book looks interesting: Edward Hoseah, Corruption in Tanzania: The Case for Circumstantial Evidence (Cambria Press, 2008) (why didn't I notice this book earlier?). The Amazon blurb:

This book examines circumstantial evidence in the context of its utility in investigation and prosecution of corruption cases in Tanzania. Circumstantial evidence has not been given the due prominence it deserves under traditional common law. In this book, the author expounds and articulates the efficacy of circumstantial evidence in the dispensation of corruption cases in courts of law. The emerging approach of circumstantial evidence is intended to cure the current weaknesses of investigation and prosecution of corruption cases--a daunting task for all law enforcements and courts who regard direct evidence paradigm as more reliable than circumstantial evidence. The book provides a strong case for circumstantial evidence approaches to improve the effectiveness and contribution of the legal system in the fight against corruption.

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