Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Tribute to Craig Callen of Michigan State University

John Jackson, Craig Callen & Michael Risinger, New Haven, 2008

Sometimes there is more sadness in one day than one can bear. I just learned that Craig Callen of Michigan State University Law School has died, apparently from complications of treatment for Parkinson's Disease.

I first met Craig in 1986 at the Boston University symposium on probability (in the form of Bayesianism) and the law of evidence. I already knew about his erudition, but I learned then of his passion for scholarship and theory.

Craig was a kind and generous soul as well as a first-rate scholar. I leaned on him often for both personal and professional advice.
His generosity lasted to the very end: despite his illness, he had agreed to take part in a June 2011 workshop I had helped to organize.
This has been a black day.
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