Friday, August 24, 2012

Judge Jack B. Weinstein on Chance and Skill in Poker

Alexandra Berzon, U.S. Judge Gives Poker a Break (Aug. 23, 2012):

"Is poker more a game of skill or of chance?

"A federal judge in New York concluded this week that skill plays the bigger role in determining who wins a poker game, in a ruling that could strengthen the hand of the companies seeking to get online poker legalized in the U.S.
"They range from social-games maker Zynga Inc. to casino giant Caesars Entertainment Corp. to Internet poker giant PokerStars, who all view online poker as a potentially rich source of revenue.

"U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein ruled Tuesday that a New York electronics dealer hadn't violated a key federal gambling law by running Texas Hold 'Em poker games out of his Staten Island warehouse because, unlike roulette or slot machines, poker isn't 'predominated by chance,' a common legal definition of gambling."
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