Thursday, April 14, 2005

Streaming Audio of E-Symposium Presentations To Be Available April 15

Streaming audio of the oral presentations at the e-symposium on human identification will be available within ca. 24 hours.

I caught fragments of earlier discussions; they struck me as very worthwhile. I plan to listen to them at my leisure this weekend. Topics included fingerprint evidence (five presentations or sessions), DNA evidence (multiple presentations), and other matters such as identification with teeth, bones, etc.

The link to the (free) symposium is in my prior post.

The speakers are well-credentialed and well-spoken.

Ah, here is the link to the symposium on human identification: e-symposium

Human Identification eSymposium

This excellent and free e-symposium is now in progress; it began at 5:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time (U.S.).

If you are not able to participate viva voce (as I, alas, cannot), you can apparently access archives of the presentations.

  • But after a presentation is finished, one can only access the powerpoint file associated with the presentation, it seems, and not video or audio files; and you will not be able to pose questions or take part in chat room discussions.
  • Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Is Quantum Computing on the Horizon? Discussion of a Macroscopic Effect of Quantum Processes




    Quantum tunneling of the magnetization in molecular nanomagnets

    A lecture by Myriam Sarachik

    C.C.N.Y. – C.U.N.Y

    Molecular nanomagnets, sometimes referred to as single molecule magnets, have attracted a great deal of recent attention for interesting behavior that is borderline between the classical and quantum mechanical regimes, and because of their potential usefulness for high-density data storage and quantum computation. Quantum mechanical processes are observed in these materials on a macroscopic scale in the form of steps in the magnetization curves. Typical behavior of the class will be examined by considering Mn12-acetate, a particularly simple prototype.

    Wednesday, April 13

    12:15 PM - Furst 201