Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Tool for the Investigation of Forensic Fact Investigation and Other Dynamic Legal Processes

If you are interested in multi-entity Bayesian networks [MEBNs] and multi-entity decision graphs [MEDGs] but would prefer to do without quantum theory and the possibility of intelligent & conscious natural processes, you should revisit Kathryn Blackmond Laskey's web page for papers and publications that deal only with applications of MEBNs and MEDGs. See Kathryn Laskey's Papers and Publications The paper titles are self-explanatory. Look close to the top of the web page. Laskey's papers seem to deal with military applications of MEBNs, but I have reason to think that MEDGs in particular would be a powerful tool for the study of forensic fact investigation, which is a dynamic process that involves probabilities, weighting of preferences, interactions among multiple agents, and all that. (But someone with better math skills than I have must undertake this research project. Is there a doctoral candidate or a post-doc out there in cyberspace who wants to try his or her hand at a very difficult but important problem?)