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Trial by Jury in China?

See for dissertation "Jury System and China":
Jury System and
发布日期:2012-02-24 21:34:16

                                                                             By Linchang Shen
Ⅰ Introduction
Ⅱ Decline vs. Reintroduction
Ⅲ Is Jury System Totally an Imported Institution for China?
Ⅳ Should China Adopt Some Kind of Jury System?
Ⅴ Is Anglo-American Jury System Suitable for China?
Ⅵ How to Reform the Current People’s Assessor System?
Ⅶ Conclusion

It is quite interesting that since the turn of 20th and 21st century the jury system has attracted enormous attention throughout the world. Unexceptionally, this institution has also aroused heated debates in China. The purpose of this dissertation is to study whether China should adopt some kind of jury system and which style of jury system is more suitable for China if one is adopted, and further to explore how to reform the current jury system in China. The dissertation first looks through the reintroduction of jury system in Russia, Spain and Japan, analyzes the underlying motives of the important judiciary reforms and extracts the implication for China. Afterwards, the article researches whether China should adopt a jury system and then explores the suitable style jury system for China. Finally, the article examines the current jury system in China, points out the defects, and then correspondingly puts forwards some suggestions for reform of the current jury system.
issertation "Jury System and China":
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